About Us

Serenity Decor is a Brand Name with Full Trust and Confidence.

We Provide all services for Wedding Events like wedding bedroom décor, special event decoration and much more.

We are the first wedding bedroom décor company in the United Kingdom.

We have a variety of packages, which can be customised depending on your requirements, Interests, and Budget Plans.

Bedroom Decor

We create the most romantic atmosphere for your room. Choose from some of our elegant designs and then leave us to work our magic.

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Staircase Decor

Staircase decor is an essential in creating a wedding house atmosphere. Choose from one of our designs to wow your guests.

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We provide the most modern yet luxurious photo backdrops for the bride and groom. Select from our bespoke packages

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Nikkah Partitions

Add a traditional setup to your nikkah. We provide a mesmerizing floral partition for when you say Qubul. Making unique experience of new life.

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Doing the right thing,
at the right time.










We have a highly skilled and experienced wedding décor team that will provide you an unforgettable experience.


We offer you highly professional bedroom wedding decor, planning arrangements, and management of other events as well.


We pride ourselves in providing the best services with the guarantee that it’s not just perfect but it also makes the best memories.


We Provide dedicated, sincerely committed, and highly profiled wedding management and events management services, specializing in luxury wedding bedroom décor.